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Anti-Acne Lotion and Moisturizing Cream Series

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Anti-acne lotion and face cream with encapsulated vitamins MAGNISKIN Solutions

  • Reduces fat secretion;
  • Destroys pimples permanently;
  • Regenerates the skin in depth;
  • Makes the skin vibrant, smooth and radiant;
  • It brings your self-confidence and smile back to your face.
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MAGNISKIN Solutions Anti-Acne Lotion and Hydrating Cream series includes:

– 1 piece. Anti-acne lotion MAGNISKIN Solutions 100 ml
– 1 piece. Face Cream with Encapsulated Vitamins MAGNISKIN Solutions 50 ml

  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin;
  • Provides protection from adverse external influences;
  • Improves the condition of the skin and has a rejuvenating effect;
  • It helps to restore the skin’s natural glow and elasticity.
  • Suitable for Men and Women

Specially developed for acne and problematic skin, the MAGNISKIN Solutions Anti-Acne Lotion and Hydrating Cream series helps to completely and permanently remove pimples from the root, regulates oiliness and generates skin renewal, making it vibrant, smooth and radiant. The lotion has an efficient and proven effect on the sebum secretion of the skin, significantly reducing it until it is completely cleared. It helps to fully restore the skin, bringing back self-confidence and a smile to your face.

Face cream with encapsulated vitamins MAGNISKIN Solutions moisturizes, rejuvenates and provides the skin with maximum protection from adverse external influences. Improves condition and provides immediate hydration and nourishment with soothing elements. The cream contains a number of plant extracts and vitamins, thanks to which the flow of oxygen in the skin cells increases, protecting it from the harmful influence of free radicals and from the appearance of wrinkles.


  • for teenagers;
  • for men and women;
  • for anyone who wants healthy, elastic and vibrant skin;
  • for anyone who wants professional skin care.


  • pregnant women;
  • children aged 0-10 years;
  • people with an allergy to any of the ingredients.

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For mild to moderate acne, use MAGNISKIN Solutions Anti-Acne Lotion once daily after washing and cleansing your face (or problem area) with a cleansing toner or water.

It is recommended to apply the lotion in the evening, before going to bed. Before applying, shake the Lotion well. Then, put some of it on a cotton pad and apply to the entire area (not just the pimples).

For best and fastest results, we recommend using MAGNISKIN Solutions Face and Body Tonic for Sensitive Skin 15-20 minutes before applying the Lotion. The tonic will deeply clean the skin and prepare it for more effective absorption of the lotion.

In the morning, once again on washed and well-dried skin, apply MAGNISKIN Solutions moisturizing face cream with encapsulated vitamins with light massaging movements until it is completely absorbed.

Important: There should be an interval of at least 15-20 minutes between the use of the different MAGNISKIN Solutions products, so that they are well absorbed by the skin and have a deep effect.


In case of severe and stubborn acne, it is recommended to apply MAGNISKIN Solutions Anti-Acne Lotion twice – in the morning and in the evening, strictly following the method of use described above.

EXAMPLE: If you have pimples on your chin – apply the lotion all over your face, as the problem area is the face. The lotion will reduce the sebum secretion of the entire face and thus prevent the appearance of pimples on the chin. Remember, to enjoy long-lasting results, you need to treat the entire problem area, not just the individual areas where the pimples appear.

Important: Before use, be sure to test the products to check if you are not allergic to any of their ingredients. To do this, apply a small amount of each product to a small area around the chin and wait 24 hours. If you have no redness or itching afterwards, you can proceed to the systemic treatment of the skin with the products.

Important: For a long-lasting effect, it is recommended that treatment with MAGNISKIN Solutions anti-acne lotion lasts for 3 months. After completing the treatment, take a break of 1 month and, depending on the type of skin, decide whether to continue using the Lotion for prophylactic purposes.

MAGNISKIN Solutions Anti-Acne Lotion
Storage: Well closed, in original packaging, away from children, at a temperature of 10-25°C.
Packaging: 100 ml.

Face cream with encapsulated vitamins MAGNISKIN Solutions
Ingredients: Glycerin (vegetable glycerin), Octyl Myristate (moisturizer), Buxus chinensis Oil (jojoba oil), Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A), Linolenic & Linoleic Acids from Linseed Oil (linseed oil), Polymethyl Methacrylate (moisturizer), Panthenol (vitamin B5), α – thocopherol (vitamin E).
Storage: Well closed, in original packaging, away from children, at a temperature of 10-25°C.
Packaging: 50 ml.


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