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Acne is a skin disease that manifests itself when the secretion of sebum is disturbed. Also called acne vulgaris. It affects about 80% of people at various stages of their lives. The majority of acneic skin sufferers only experience pimples during puberty. In some, albeit rare, cases, it is possible for it to appear for the first time after the age of 25, largely due to an unhealthy lifestyle. In most cases, the problem of unpleasant pimples disappears after the teenage years, leaving traces and even scars such as bumps and red and brown spots on the skin. For quite a few people, however, the struggle with acne continues even after the age of 30.

Sufferers of sensitive, acne-prone skin complain of oily and shiny skin where the sebaceous glands produce a large amount of sebum. Acne symptoms manifest in several ways. Comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) and/or pus-filled pimples form, caused by blockage of sebaceous gland openings and increased bacterial growth. This, in turn, can lead to a severe and painful inflammatory process – the appearance of papules, pustules and nodular nodes. Acne most often affects the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back. This applies with particular force to people who train hard, due to frequent sweating, and hence oiliness of the skin. You can read more about back acne and ways to protect yourself from it in the article “Back acne – 13 tips to protect yourself”.

Acne comes in several forms:

  • Mild – comedonal acne;
  • Moderate – papulopustular acne;
  • Severe – conglobatic acne.
  • The most common factors for the appearance of acne
    hormonal, genetic, stress and anxiety, smoking, unhealthy diet, certain medications and last but not least poor and even improper skin care



  • Strive for a healthy lifestyle.
    Build a healthy diet, exercise, detoxify your body, give yourself the necessary rest and adequate sleep. Not only will your skin thank you, but you’ll feel more energetic, happy and positive. A positive change in your lifestyle will surely lead to a positive change in the health of your skin.


  • Dry your skin well!
    This is especially true for active sportsmen. When you sweat profusely, the sweat mixes with the oils on the skin, bacteria spreads more quickly and easily, and pores become clogged. This can greatly stimulate the appearance of acne and worsen the overall condition of the skin. Therefore, it is no surprise why frequent gym goers regularly complain of severe acne and pimples on their backs and arms.


  • Use sunscreen even in gloomy weather.
    Skin with acne is extremely sensitive to UV rays, which is why it’s important to use appropriate sunscreens. If you don’t have sunscreen available, we recommend that you at least protect your skin with a moisturizer. For example, Face cream with encapsulated vitamins MAGNISKIN Solutions moisturizes, rejuvenates and provides maximum protection from adverse external influences, including harmful ultraviolet rays.


  • Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals.
    The intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, through foods such as walnuts, avocados, flaxseeds or dietary supplements, regulates the production of sebum, which can affect sebum secretion and reduce the oiliness of your skin.


  • Take good care of your skin.
    Using the right high-quality products to clean and nourish the skin is essential for a good appearance. Specialized anti-acne cosmetics such as the MAGNISKIN Solutions Lotion, Tonic and Cream series are specially developed to reduce sebum secretion and destroy pimples. Such products help regenerate the skin and restore its vitality and radiance, but most of all, they increase self-confidence and put a smile back on your face.Remember – to have clear acne-free skin – patience and persistence are needed. Read more about Clear Skin Secrets and make sure that even the smallest positive changes in your lifestyle will lead to great results!